Day three: I’m Genie In A Bottle

Well, it seems as though i’m terrible at keeping up with this blog. Thats probably another reason why i have, like, 6 unused diaries in my room. I was always horrible at trying to keep up with them. And, to add to this, my internet will likley be shut of in a number of days because we (my mother and myself) cannot pay it at this time.

I have such fantastic timing for creating such a thing, non? Well, besides the point. I decided to talk a little bit about music today.

You may have noticed the title. Does anyone remember that song by Christina Aguilera? I do, it was one of my favorite songs when i was younger. Of course, now i relaize how dirty the song truly is. Several songs that i loved when i was younger i not noticed are completely sexual and i thought to myself, why on earth did my mother let me listen to this?

So right now, i’m going to examine three of my favorite songs when i was a youngster.

Number one:  Everybody by Backstreet Boys (Yes, i AM a Backstreet Boys and N*Sync girl. I still listen to the CD’s on a regular basis)


Ok, this one is a little more subtle, but still, the sexual innuendo is there. My mother was in love with these guys, just as i was. So, i know exactly why i came to love them, as well as this song. But you gotta admit, having a 7 year old singing this around Wal-Mart is a little odd, especially when she sings “Am I sexual?” xD

Next, Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera.

Alright, do i need to explain the sexuality in this? I mean, LOOK at her dance. Her body just screams “Take me on the floor” I remember me and my friend “Panda” (Once again, name changed to protect the innocent) watching this video all the time because we idolized her so much. And now i’m think “Wow, my friend and i were almost like mini-sluts.”

But this next one has to be the best…Bonanza by Akon

Granted, this song came out in 07 to which i was in 6th or 7th grade, but at this time, i didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics of this song, i merely loved the beat. I danced around the house all the time listening to this song, just cuz i loved to shake my ass to this song.  I had completely forgotten about this song until a while back when i was watching Fired Up and heard this song.

So i went to Youtube and had a whole epiphany about it, then listened to the lyrics. It’s a wonder i haven’t turned into an actual whore. And once again, i wonder why my mother ever let me listen to such things.

Parenting. Ah, a wondrous job, but definitely not for the feint of heart.

Well, that was my little rant for today. Tomorrow i have Study Hall, which is for what? Goofing Off! I’ll try to make a post, but i’m also attempting to keep this blog from actual people i know, and since Domino is in there, he would likely steal my computer just to be a dick.

Ah, young love. xD

Well. Until the last rose dies,

~Miss Fur




2 Responses to “Day three: I’m Genie In A Bottle”

  1. holdenrules13 Says:

    It’s amazing how much we love songs when we are little and then when we get older, we realize just what we were listening to. I too am an NSYNC girl, love them to death, and I realized just the other day how much their songs were geared toward older girls…but they made BARBIE DOLLS for that band. Like fangirl Barbie dolls and stuff. It’s so messed up! And when I was little, one of my favorite songs in the world was “Grease Lightning” from the movie Grease….if you have never taken a look at the lyrics, have a look now:
    You might find some things you’ve never noticed before, I know I did.

    • Oh my goodness….that song….i won’t even comment further. I think it’s a little sickening how they make dolls for stuff like that. I mean, let’s take a real life example nowadays, like Justin Beiber. His songs are about love, but really, he’s a teenager, you know he’s thinking other thoughts. He works with Usher for Christ’s sake. And then people complain about how their children are growing up so fast? Look at what you give them! Sorry, mini-rant there.

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