Scream, Till You Believe It

Title courtesy of the song “Scream” by Tokio Hotel. I love those German boys <3

Anyway. It’s been a few days since i last logged on, and i found two new notifications about a person called Talin401  liking and following my post. I was like “Cool, i’ll go check them out.” there was one post that really stuck out. Here’s the link:

If you don’t read it, i’ll sum it up. She’s talking about how we’re all unique individuals and should be proud for what we can do and not we can’t. Be proud of yourself. I know, you hear and read stuff like that all the time, but it gave me a little inspiration.

Plus, we’re ALL guilty of putting ourselves down at some point. Just this morning i said to myself “I’m such a moron, i left my fabric at home.” (I have a clothing class i’m taking). So when i read that blog i was like, wow, thats a bit ironic.

So, for my next few posts i’m going to write some good qualities i have. I’ll write two that come to mind right now.

1. Good Listener~ My friends often tell me i’m a good listener, and i enjoy listening to people. I don’t talk as much really. I’m called the “mother” of my group of friends for many reasons. I’m very protective over my “pack” as i like to call them, but i’m also the one everyone goes to advice for. Which is funny, since most of the time i’ve never been in their shoes, but i always seem to provide them with information and insight that resolves the issue at hand. I think this is a positive quality because i know not a lot of people take the time to really listen to anyone anymore. People are always caught up in their own lives to notice when something may be wrong.

So, if there are any readers of mine who would like to talk about some things, let me know! I’d be happy to talk, and even make some friends here.

2. Creative Writing~ I love to write. Things like this, a blog, but mostly fantasy based things. I LOVE to RP on forums because i just enjoy writing. I also write stories, but i haven’t ever finished any. My dream is to become a great fantasy author, so i constantly make myself do some sort of writing every day.

Well, those are two things about me i’m proud of. I’ll likely keep putting myself down, but thats just how i am. I’m hoping that with this journal/blog entry i might be able to make myself feel a bit better throughout my day.

Until the water falls

~Miss Fur


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