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On The Ledge

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…while you’re so damn polite and composed.

Oh hi blog i completely forgot about until right now. Honestly, i just wanted to come back to a place where i can write out things in my life that are making me want to go into a tizzy.

Well, let’s see, where to start….

A few weeks ago i went to a church camp. Here, i had a lot happen. I became the happiest person there for some time. Why? I received a prayer from a man whom my friend, Giraffe, knew very well. Every year she has gone he’s prayed for her, and this year was my first so he decided to pray for me as well.

I pretty much cried like a little bitch. Why? Because this man knew nothing about me but managed to know that my greatest fear was being like my mother. God told him to tell me that i would not e like her, and be provided a husband in years to come.

Now, i understand some people may think thats a load a shit, but to me it struck home. All i want in my life is to love and be loved. Why? Well, my mom is a very bitter woman after what happened to her. She’s constantly grumpy, and still loves my father you left her.

I pray all the time for that not to happen to me. I don’t want to fall in love and have my heart broken into thousands of pieces unable to be mended because i’m cold and lifeless now. So yeah. Hearing that at church camp made me pretty happy.

Will it happen? Who knows but the big man upstairs.

On the other hand a good friend of mine likes me, but i don’t like him in that way. Ugh. Relationships are so…..effing confusing and dumb!!!

//teenage rant over//

On a completely different matter, FURSONAS xD Any Furs out there who care to share what their fursona is? Silver Fox present, but anyone who may have glanced at these already knows that. I’m still working on making a reference of her soon, but i’ll get there.

I don’t have much else to say now that i’ve ranted some.

Song of the day?


Day One: Well, This Is Awkward

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Well, hello there. I suppse right now, i’m merely talking to the screen. And myself i suppose. But make no mistake, i am not crazy. No…thats not true, i am, indeed crazy, to an extent i suppose. Everyone is a little crazy in their own way. Were we not, we’d all be a bunch of boring people.  Boring is too normal, and normal, well, normal is just another form of suicide as i always say. Yes, you can quote me on that.

But i suppose, in order to quote me, you’d actually have to know me, right? Well then. My real name, shall remain a mystery to everyone. However, in case anyone actually wastes their time reading my words, you can call me Miss Fur. “Miss Fur? That sounds weird.” Why yes, it probably does. While i’m at it, i’ll go ahead and say it. I’m a Furry. Don’t know what a Furry is? Well then, you’re missing out! Haha, not really. But allow me to elaborate, cuz if you go off in search of what a “Furry” is, you might very well get the wrong idea, as so many others have.

Furry: A person who enjoys anthropomorphic animals.  What does that mean? Well, i assume everyone knows who Bugs Bunny is, and if not, you have some serious problems and should probably consult a therapist. Anyways, Bugs Bunny. He’s a bunny, but he walks and talks like a human. In a strange and deluded sense, Bugs Bunny is a Furry. (To be honest…i blame him as well as Tom & Jerry and many other child cartoons for my Furry self, but i digress, this is of no importance).

So, thats a short version of Furry. When you search it, you might see some more “suggestive” things. Yes, there’s Furry porn. Just like theres Gay porn, Normal porn, and even Pokemon porn. Why? Well, everyone has a sick part of their mind. (Pokephelia… just wrong…just…..wrong). Furries get a bad wrap for this, saying we’re horrible people. We like beastality and dream of having creepy Furry sex all day long.

You know what? It’s a lie. Not all of us think about doing it doggy-style in the back of a truck every day. We are admittedly, human. So of course we think about sex. I mean, c’mon. It’s SEX. As an 18 year old, i do recognize my hormones, thank you very much.

Oh dear, i seem to have gotten off topic. And here i was worried that i wouldn’t be able to figure out what to talk about. I’m not even sure why i decided to write this blog. Boredom perhaps? Maybe. But i guess it’s just to let off a little steam, speak my mind, and eventually, get some feed back. I enjoy writing, and this is a more productive way for me to do it i guess.  Plus, i often have some interesting days that i’d like to share with others. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, just like everyone else in the world.

Well now. You know now the following: I’m a Furry, a silver fox to be exact. I’m also 18, and a female. And while we’re at it, i’ll let you in on another secret: i’m a high school senior currently. Shocking, non? Lol, not really so shocking i bet. We teenage girls always enjoy getting ourselves into a little mischief every once in a while, keeps things interesting.

Not bad for a first blog. You learned something new! But for now, i’m going to sign off. I look forward to talking to some of you readers. Maybe i’ll even get a comment or two! Probably not, but it’s an interesting thought. If you’ll excuse me, i must go continue reading a Manga i just recently got hooked on. “Whats Manga?” you ask? Look it up my empty audience, Google can be a great thing i can assure you.

Until the ‘morrow,

~ Miss Fur