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On The Ledge

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…while you’re so damn polite and composed.

Oh hi blog i completely forgot about until right now. Honestly, i just wanted to come back to a place where i can write out things in my life that are making me want to go into a tizzy.

Well, let’s see, where to start….

A few weeks ago i went to a church camp. Here, i had a lot happen. I became the happiest person there for some time. Why? I received a prayer from a man whom my friend, Giraffe, knew very well. Every year she has gone he’s prayed for her, and this year was my first so he decided to pray for me as well.

I pretty much cried like a little bitch. Why? Because this man knew nothing about me but managed to know that my greatest fear was being like my mother. God told him to tell me that i would not e like her, and be provided a husband in years to come.

Now, i understand some people may think thats a load a shit, but to me it struck home. All i want in my life is to love and be loved. Why? Well, my mom is a very bitter woman after what happened to her. She’s constantly grumpy, and still loves my father you left her.

I pray all the time for that not to happen to me. I don’t want to fall in love and have my heart broken into thousands of pieces unable to be mended because i’m cold and lifeless now. So yeah. Hearing that at church camp made me pretty happy.

Will it happen? Who knows but the big man upstairs.

On the other hand a good friend of mine likes me, but i don’t like him in that way. Ugh. Relationships are so…..effing confusing and dumb!!!

//teenage rant over//

On a completely different matter, FURSONAS xD Any Furs out there who care to share what their fursona is? Silver Fox present, but anyone who may have glanced at these already knows that. I’m still working on making a reference of her soon, but i’ll get there.

I don’t have much else to say now that i’ve ranted some.

Song of the day?


Day….oh who cares now, honestly. xD

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I said it before and i’ll say it again. I’m horrible at keeping journals or anything of the like. So much has happened since i last posted i don’t even know where to begin. So i’ll start with everyone’s favorite little thing. Relationships.

This Thanksgiving wasn’t very thankful. My uncle, whom i love to death, made a small dinner for his ex GF. See. My uncle and aunt had some issues last year, during which he met with another woman. And then the dumbass makes her a small dinner and takes it to her, even though he’s back with my aunt. His wife. I love him, but he’s really making stupid decisions right now. But alas, there is nothing this fox can do about it.

So here’s the blurb today: why can’t anyone be faithful these days? I mean, i’m not saying everyone out there is cheating, jut that it happens a lot. And what for? To get even? For fun? Because you, and i quote someone “Just could” really people? What’s wrong with you.

I know so many people who think gay marriage and relationships are wrong, but as i look around, i see more successful relationships there than with normal relationships. IT pisses me off how other will put the gays and lezi’s down for what they do, when the people putting them down can’t even get their own relationship in order. It seems highly hypocritical to me. (Just for clarification, i am a straight girl thank you, but i believe love is love, no matter who it’s with. AND i’m Christian, so stick that in your juice box and suck it!)

Anyway. I guess i’m just tired of seeing the world go to shit in general, but if love is really all we need, why do people do stupid things and ruin it? Haha, maybe i’m just bitter at being alone xD JK, i don’t mind really. Well, i do, but i live with it. Unless i know theres a man out there who can handle all my “salsa” i’m perfectly happy alone.

So, to anyone who reads this, here’s my question: What irks you about relationships today? Feel free to comment, please, i think this could turn into an interesting discussion. 

On another note, i was accepted into my community college today. Not a miracle, but it brought a little bit of joy into my life. I also had a tremendous amount of fun playing Just Dance with my Anime & Gamer’s club after school today. I failed horribly at it, but it was fantastic nonetheless. I look forward to doing it again soon.

Song of the day~

As always, your little Furry Fox,

~Miss Fur